About Us


In 1999, Pet One Inc. was established with the vision of bringing quality dog food at an affordable price to the Philippine market. Six years after, Pet One launched its Dog Care on Wheels, advocating responsible pet ownership, rabies-control, health & wellness and animal welfare to Filipino pet lovers.

Pet One started its export sales of Pet One dog food to the Asia market in 2009, and expanded its product lines into cat food. A year after, it opened its first showcase store, My Pet One Station, at Tiendesitas Pet Village.

Another product was launched the following year, Koifu Koi food, due to the growing demand of koi hobbyists in the Philippines. In 2012, Pet One expanded its products by launching its Clean Canine Shampoo for pets.

Our Values


At Pet One, we believe that care is key for a long lasting and happy dog and owner relationship. That’s why we go to great lengths to seek out better ways for you to take better care of your pet. We hire some of the most dedicated and trained nutrition experts to develop stage-specific food for dogs of different sizes. We source safe and effective products for grooming and pet development, as well as partner with vets and distributors in constantly educating and updating our consumers with helpful nutrition advice and pet maintenance. 

We also believe that care should be shared. That’s why we do our part for the community by conducting free check-ups and consultations with our Doggie Care On Wheels Program in towns and cities which we’ve been doing for years now. We provide free vaccines and deworming for a number of pups and adult dogs in these areas.  

TO achieve all these, Pet One also partners with some of the best groups and individuals who, like us, have also dedicated themselves to giving your furry friends the best value-for-money products and services and to make your pet-owning experience a joyful and hassle-free one. For us at Pet One, caring always comes first. 


In today’s modern world, many of us are getting used to the idea of “artificial”. From computers and apps that automatically answer our every query, to food substitutes that go into our own food. While a number of these are helpful to us, there are still many unnatural ingredients and processes that may be harmful to us, the environment and yes, even our pets.  

We at PetOne believe that natural is still the best way to go when creating our products. From ingredients like real beef and lamb to natural vitamin E, we make sure we give you the quality pet food without sacrificing your pet’s long-term health and development. We also make sure to keep a high standard of cleanliness and food safety when developing our many PetOne Pet Food brands. So you can be sure your pet’s food is fresh, safe and free from artificial products.

We invite more and more pet owners to join us in this movement of giving only natural ingredients and food to their pets. Not only will you have less problems in the end, but we’re pretty sure your pet will love you even more for it. And between owners and pets, this amazing bond comes naturally.